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Mmmm, Hello and welcome to the Villa Park Podcast. It is me Rich here on a victorious Sunday and away win for Aston Villa against Brighton going into the World Cup break on a high two wins out of two in the league for un I amory. What a time to be a Villa fan. Absolutely fantastic on my own for them for the time being. keV is going to join and potentially Sam as well. But I couldn't keep where you guys waiting any longer before we get going into the show. As always, got some great numbers watching already, get in with your comments. I'll get reading comments out as we go, but as always, please leave it like on the video. Please drop us a subscribe And we are up to almost six fifty subscribers, which is fantastic on the road to one thousand. So so yeah, please drop us a subscribe. We're going to get into the game. UM. I mean character shit, housery, fouls, game management, change, changing tactics, spoiling tactics, you name it was on display today. We came back to win a game from going a goal down, which we do not do. Um. We have two goals from one of our strikers, which we do not do. Um. And we went away from home the first time since May. So yeah, fantastic. We're going to get into all that. We're going to get into your comments, man of the match, go through the stats, talk, player performances, talking and I am Marie, so anything you want to talk about, please please please please get a new comments and we've got people joining us already, t Juan, about time. I thought it was late up the villa. She was waiting for the show. Thank you for joining us. Duncan Is aren't great performance today things and command in particular Gwen Dear was good too, yet fantastic performances from them. Worked really, really hard. We'll get into the the hard work that the players put in, and already we're seeing, you know, players covering lots and lots of ground, players putting challenges in pressing high um. You know, slightly risky football, but you've got to take risks to get results, and that's what we're doing at the moment. Habs is in the house, boom who and I'm masterclass once again. Absolutely Rachel up the villa, everyone, and thanks for warning us. Rachel Tiuan touched that light button. As you come in yes, absolutely, get that light button hip um Rachel and Timan in the house both saying hello to each other. Gary whenever do all of those things Rich Absolutely, Yeah, it's all coming all comet once. It's like busses, Like busses willie him out of the show. Has just appeared to we have to stop for this World Cup. But I must say, how good does it feel to have a manager who cares? Yeah, we'll get into that. I think one of the points off the I don't know if you've listened to his post match interview with Villa TV, but you know, I think one of the pr failures of Stephen Gerrard was not saying thank you to the fans. And I think the first thing that Emery did today was saying how good the fans were, and that is only going to do himself lots and lots of favors with the Villa supporters. So yeah, absolutely absolutely shows and you know, the tactical changes that the kicking every ball, all of that stuff that's coming through is so so positive rod and perfect result before the corrupt World Cup break? Yeah, and it is it coming at the right time? Is it the wrong time? You guys? Let me know, you know, on one hand, it gives him time to work with the players, um, get his philosophy. Um. There's not too many players that have going out on international duty. So does that really help or is it momentum killing. We've just won back to back games. If we look at our previous form as well before he came in, you know, obviously we've got that great win against Brighton before losing too, before losing to Newcastle. But three wins from four league games isn't bad form at Allso is that the wrong time for us? I don't know. I would lean towards I would lean towards the first but yeah, let us know what you think. Barry seven yellow showed how he used the dark arts. Love it. Yeah, I've been calling for that, and Kevin...

...backstage, he's going to come in and one of the first questions I'll throw it him is we've been we've been waiting for this, Like how many times have Villa played games against teams who have just we've just gone around the roulette wheel of just getting yellow cards against us and then killing the game and winning it. It was about time that we showed that we could do that. You know, actually, on getting the yellow cards, McGinn getting the yellow card, Martinez getting the yellow card, Mings getting theyll card or just to spoil the game. And how good is it when you've got sour bright and fans you know, moaning about us time where it's been moaning about us fouling. That's what you want away from home. It's the perfect, perfect, perfect win. So yeah, getting those getting those yellows is he's great. Right, let's get him in. Thank you so much for joining mate, miss it. I knew you couldn't miss it, but it's been so for those that are may be interested, why I've been off for a bit recently. First of all, I I miss you all, particularly banter Be. I've moved and I've got hugg It WiFi for not these companies are like now for a month, so I didn't even watch the game today. I watched as much as I could on my phone via sky Go. So honestly, you're gonna have to tell me more and more than I actually sort myself, I think. But but yeah, I've seen enough to be able to talk about it, I think. So yeah, good stuff, good stuff. Well I was literally just talking and we'll go through like sort of chronologically, but I was just talking in general about you know, kind of winning from going behind shit housery, time wasting, getting yellow cards, managing the game. How many times on this podcast have we talked about winning the game? As Barry said, they're using the dark arts. Well, it's funny, isn't it, Because I've I'm sure like a lot of Villa fans have been so used to watching Villa over the years be frustrated and annoyed like Brighton fans worth clearly today on Twitter when I had a quick look, Um, I remember playing Watford. I think it was what for them last season when I mean what they're obviously terrible and still be did the at home? Was it too one? Wasn't there? They did the double overs last season first game of the season. Then they beat us one now one nil, and that game was so frustrating amount of times their players are going down with an injury, in inverted commerce and then like wasting time and slowing the game down, and you sat there in the crowd thinking he's not good enough. And I'm sure Brighton was thinking today we're a top eight team deserves in back of Potter's good work, we've had some great wins lately. We'll beat divility team, new manager and we, from what I saw, were very very effective frustrating Brighton, and that is I don't know whether that's something which is down to a foreign manager, because we weren't great at the Gerard, weren't great under Dean Smith at doing it didn't seem you're good under Steve Bruce. It's maybe a bit more of a continental gamesmanship, should you call it, where you're just being tactic good and clever within the laws of the game. And if it is legal and other teams are going to do it to us, then it's a high time we got at at least the same level as of the teams to be able to to get over the line today in games like this which we normally wouldn't have won. Yeah, and you know, fine, well Brighton would have been doing it if they'd have still been winning one nil. You know, you know, fine, well, they would have done it. So yeah, why not, why not? It's got it's got to be done. Um, So yeah, let's let's go to starting lineup. Mate. I don't know again how much you knew about the lineup beforehand, but we were obviously talking in the group about various rumors of players not making it, players not traveling, and it was there was there was some truth in it. You know, obviously what Kins and Bailey were ill prior to prior to the game yesterday. Watkins obviously didn't travel. Bailey is only fit enough for the bench. So your team Martinez, Cash, Concert Mings and Luca, Dean Ramsey and Kamara, Louise McGinn and then Gwen Dear just behind things. What were your thoughts on that, on that starting lineup? And initially, well, I thought it was shaming Bailey wasn't in because obviously he's been as good as he's ever been for lately, you know, so if it wasn't for Watkins is horrendous touch. We might have might have got a win with the Night and that would have been you know, a real role. Wouldn't have anyway with that, you know, old news on that. But disappointed on that, and obviously Watkins had been a lot better. I think with Watkins, I'm sure a lot of Villavan to share the same sentiment. He's been very, very, very frustrating the last year or so. But the only Watkins that we got to love under being Smith. Initially I thought he was great. He was battle and he was tough, he he was scoring, he had it might have had a few chances, but you have to get was it was it sixteen this first season and double figures in his second I think, you know, real playing there. So those two were probably arguably you know, as bigger miss as anybody you could thinking. Yet you know, you're thinking, I thing is going to do. I think he's got a pretty good record against Brightenings from what I've heard, But how is he going to do? Gwen dear starting again, you know,...

...being a sort of main main in the main role. I think he'd like to play in the in the nother ten role. And McGain back in I thought, well, let's see, let's see how that goes. Yeah. Absolutely, And you know mcgin me and George R. Honor on the Thursday night and a couple of the players you could tell they were blowing after sort of sixty seventy minutes having you know, maybe not played too much over that time period, but you know sometimes at nineteen minutes to get get a game and under the about you know, I'm talking particularly Kamara and McGinn here did them some good had to have done them some good. You know, you've got to get some game time under about, haven't you. Absolutely? And that's the thing about as well, about you're going fill those yellow cards. And I did see the the obviously the booking count we had earlier. But when you've got a quality squad and the squad that's able to compete in people on the bench like good, that's the reason you have it because you know every now and then you doing it to one of your midfielders or one of your fallbacks. So you shouldn't be an issue. And these players need to be ready to come into the team and play. But but of course if you can playing a fairly settled ish team, and then those players that don't get a game, how do they when they come in? So yeah, I think I think it was it was good to see, particularly after the start we had as well, the response that they showed absolutely well, let's let's get into that start, because whether it's unfortunate or fortunate and getting some getting lots of comments here, I asked the question about kind of is it better for us to have time away or you know, to work under Emery or is it better to um you know, keep the momentum going. But I think I think the general the general opinion is from rad is that it's good time, good training time. Rachel said, give em me some positive and constructive time with the squad. And what I say that is because the start of the game highlights the fact that Emery is going to want to want us to play out from the back, is going to want to use the goalkeeper as a pivot to playoff and obviously it happened on Thursday night with Olson. It also happened inside the first minute with Martinez passing the board to Louise who gives it away and then Alexis McAllister puts it in and after fifty seconds you're thinking, on my word, here we go again. Well to use a cricket analogy, being it's such a great day for those it's for its to England um and particularly Chris Wokes. I've seen of the comments it must must be very pleased today. It's when you've got a night watchman in the Test match and the night watchman, you know, gets what gets a couple of fours and maybe smashes a six off spinner. You don't really want to keep the night watchman in all of the next day. Sometimes you've got to take the break when it comes, and I think that normally you'd want to keep momentum in football, you want to keep a winning run. I don't think he's good for Newcastle, for example, to have this break because I've been absolutely unbelievable. But for Villa he's a two league games, he's got two wins despite it not all being perfect, you know, particularly elements of today from what I saw. Obviously the League Cup game wasn't great. There was, you know, some of the old old mistakes there to get into this break, beating Brighton and Man United and all the winds that come from that. First we never Man United in twenty seven years at home, first time Brighton have lost lost a game when they've gone ahead for over twenty Premier League games. First time we've went to weigh this season all those different stats to get those six points in the bag, to get us in comfortable mid table, and then to get this break with the majority of the squad still being there because none of them, not men even got picked. I don't think he could have written a better script for himself to get to go to go out to move and moving this club forward. Yeah, yeah, And you've got to think that players are going to get used to that, that kind of playing out from the back options to you know, if one passes blocked tough, you know, another pastle open up, or a bit of rotation in midfield to create a bit of space, you've got to think that those things are going to be worked and haven't you. Yeah, absolute absolutely, From what we could see, this is this is the really exciting thing for me being a villa fun and of course you get excited about any manager and you know you've got we've got banks in the garrard. But you know, you saw what happened in that very first game when he had maybe three or four days with the players against Man United. You saw it's sort a bit of an idea and a plant and tactical tactical nows, you know, with the subs that you made, with the way that you changed players positions. We obviously spoke about den Danka been my mark at one point and almost playing in a bit bit of a ten roll at one point, and loads of the things that he did, rotating the fallbacks in the game when normally they just played the whole game. But he realized that this is a key position. There's a lot of energy there. You might get caught out in why positions? Why not bringing the fallbacks on? We saw that after three or four days, we saw the real I have a go performance of white Man United, and we've send this this performance today. What could he do in six weeks, five or six weeks exactly exactly? And and that's that, I guess that's the exciting thing. And that's what you suppose get when with the manager of this pedigree. Look, we aren't getting too excited.

We're not getting carried away, you know, too early. Like I said, previous managers, you know, the most the most recent manager came in and did very well in this first couple of games last season. But yeah, you certainly feel like there's a there's a there's a buy in. There's there's players that are kind of really understanding what to do, really sort of understanding to digging and and and get you know, and get get the results, so to speak. And you know, nine points from the possible twelve is is good form at the end of the day, It really, it really is it really I don't think you can argue that at all. But it goes to show that this that this is is a good, good squad, good good squad of players. If they are coached to the level they could be coached it with editions, it could be a really really impressive team moving forward. A long way to go with that, of course. Yeah, I did I did wonder whether, um, obviously I think Brighton I got seven starting team were going to the World Cup. Yeah, yeah, for the obviously they've got you know, lots and lots of different teams covered through their side. So yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean they play some good stuff. I've got some good players, but I just think, yeah, we we just did a great job containing them. But yeah, I take your point. You know they're gonna are they going to suffer from having seven of their kind of starting eleven out at the World Cup? I mean, how far a lot of their teams players will go out? I'm not too sure. I know, I know, but I just did wander did some of them have half an eye on guitar? Maybe half an eye? Do? I want to give you absolutely everything to them and tweet my hamstring week before you know you've got you know you've got you? I mean Truss Archie Seda McAlister. I think a lot of them, A lot of them going to be there, aren't there a lot of them, So, I mean, you don't want to say that against professionals, and you'd like to think people always always try their best, but it would only be inevitable once every four years you get a World Cup and you know there's no guarantee some of those players will be in the squad next time around. EB they were not quite their absolute everything today. Possibly might have possibly yeah, possibly um when we were talking a little on Brighton shortly, But I guess the other thing was they obviously had that goal. Um. They started quite well. We then grew into the game and I think our formation started to cause them problems. I think before before the goal, I think there was some good play and a good chance for Danny ings Um that you hit a shot and it deflected over the bar for a corner, and we were we were piercing the lines and obviously the penalty comes through that through a reverse pass from a reverse pass, straight pass and a diagonal run, which again I've talked about so many times. You can't play straight passes and straight runs. You've got to play it. If you play a straight ball, you've got to have a diagonal run or vice versa. And exactly right, you know, McGinn runs across great little run, pushes, pushes, the ball gets in front of Louis dunk and stonewall penalty And I mean I was watching it with my dad and I was like, how is he even moaning that that's not a penalty. I couldn't believe it. It was. It was just obvious. It's obvious. But but the play from you know, the play from Brend Deer and McGinn was was excellent. Well, that's what Brend is in the team board, isn't he That's what we don't see enough of. You know, we talked about and getting knocked off the board enough. But he does create a lot of chances. I saw actually, you know, I highlights reels someone put on Twitter Wender and it makes me realize that there's a number of times when he's playing accurate first time passes, you know, offensive moves, trying to try to create stuff, and often if we just haven't got the runners even even on the on the end of those balls, or we haven't got the finishing prowess to finish him off. So it was great to see today that it it got got us a win. And you know, like if he keeps playing like that, I think he'll more and more into it. I think you really think he's had he's had a taste in nash football in Argentina, and he obviously not made the squad, so it's crunched time now, but he could he could finish the season really strong. Winder. Yeah, I mean just just before we took touch on you know, the penalty and then sort of Danny ings onto on Wendy. I think what's what's noticeable to see is that um. Now, maybe it's because there's one or two players on the bench and Emory is not afraid to use them, but I get the impression that Emory is told Wendy and not to leave anything on the pitch, like just give everything for sixty five seventy minutes and then I'll I'll replace you with someone else, Like just do all of your work that you can in that time period. Because he was all over the place in the first half in particular, and you know he's got to he's got to keep that intensity up because you know, in the situation today they weren't. We weren't particularly big upfront. But what we could do is we could pressure Harry Um, you know, try and win the ball in dangerous areas, get us up the pitch, and that's exactly what he did...

...and that was really pleasing to see. Yeah. Absolutely. And the thing is is this, if you are a small team like you know, elements of a lot of Man City's team over the years have been not been huge players. Barcelona's famous Tiki tacker team and you know, Um particularlyviously guard Earla as well. We're not big players, but their their movement was unbelievable and their work where it was unbelievable. If you're going to have a small and more technical type of player, you need to be tactically flexible for that to work. And what we were doing with a small team, putting it wide, putting aimless crosses in the box just wasn't going to get you anywhere where we're breaking at speed, when we're when we're doing good in quick into play, when we're sliding balls, as you say, not a straight ball for a straight run, it's it's brilliant. I mean there was needed, obviously, that cutback of what wasn't there that who was it a really good cup back? Didn't he? That was great with Ramsey? Yeah, and I remember thinking, ear of that is brilliant Ramsey driving forward, sliding the pass through to another the run. I think that was a diagonal pass to a straight run, but either way it was, it was just oh yeah, yeah that was phenomenal. That was a great pass. Yeah that was a great pass. But yeah, I mean it's just those incisive passes. And you know, I'm sorry that Sam couldn't make it, but he's he's talked about this a lot and talks about kind of and you know, giving props because he said, you know, there's there are players in that squad, but that are better if if they're coached better. And I always said it because it comes with trust. If you trusted the player on the ball to find you when you make the run, you'll make the run. And it just seems at the moment, you know, Emery is just saying, when we go forward, make make runs, make imaginative runs. And I don't care who it is, whether it's McGinn making those run, whether it's Gwender, whether it's Ramsey, whether it's Ngs or whoever supplying the pass, make those runs into the box and we'll we'll get goals from them. And obviously you know, like they're going back to the mcginney. He won the penalty. Things straight down the middle, um keep it, gets a hand to it, but you know, no doubt, with no doubt with the penalty. And then you know we we we saw out that half. It was fairly end to end, but yeah, you know it was it was it was. He gave us that platform to build on. Yeah, there was no doubt about it as a penalty. And and you can just see that there's a confident things has got and that he exudes when he steps forward. There's a confidence and that is why again I saw some put this in the comments, but I totally agree from a goal for it perspective, he is He's our best goal for it clearly is. I mean, obviously Archer, we think it's really highlerated and remains seeing how he does. But things in around the box, I mean, I mostly we'll talk about a second goal, probably in detail, but even that just kind of sniffing opportunity, taking a touch, got a bit lucky with it, but you know it's getting out of your feet. It's getting a shut away and I think if we can get creative players setting them up for chances, I think you're bad. Six goals now the season rings. Yeah, he got his hundred career goal as well today, which is a great last own. And yeah, obviously i've Puttings at the double there. Let's let's let's talk about it, and yeah, drop us in the comments. What you thought on things is formans and what we did to get the best out of him today, because obviously Thursday night he didn't have his greatest game and unfortunately, someone like Danny Ings, and we've said it on this podcast, is wasted if you don't give him the ball or if you don't get him service. But today I think I think maybe Emory gave him a little bit more license to go to drop a bit deeper, and we had runners in beyond him and get him involved in the play a little bit more and that seemed to seem to help him. And like you said, you know that the move that came in for the goal, obviously Cash does really well down the right, puts a good ball in for Gwenda, hits the post with his head and we keep it alive. Louise does midfield of what was done to him in the first half comes out comes into Danny Ing's great composure deserved his better look. Um deflects off cole Well, Leavi cole Well into the goal and que limbs in the away end. Yeah, I think I think it actually might have gone any if it had been deflected, because it was just a cute little touch, wasn't our think it might have been just just past the keeper quick enough? But yeah, I mean, Villa don't do that. I mean all I was giving an on the game. I was like one nail down one day game, saw all the stats about Brighton and I thought, well, we've basically bugged this already sixty seconds and then you know, before you know it with two one up. Brilliant, brilliant, And you're absolutely right. I mean it was I mean, Gwen Dear with that header that would that come from that would have been a believable goal. Players in the box as well, the care players in the box. You obviously had Cash in the box and put the cross in. You add things in the box. You had Gwen Deer in the box and I think I think maybe Ramsey was coming in so you've got players in the box, and you've got options for that player too to get it to um. And that's that's all all you're asking for. And Barry has asked a question. His last his last two pounces have been straight down the middle. Is that premeditated or is he seeing the keeper move at the at the last second. Do you know what, Barry, some questions I'd have to I'd have to really analyze it and see it again, because it does seem to favor going down in the middle. But obviously...

...keepers keepers did at homework these days, you know, they've obviously got a lot of coaches and clubs. They'll start to twig that. So maybe he's seen a little bit of movement and waiting for it. The best penalty takers are like that. Look at what I mean, Ivant Tony isn't believable, isn't it. You know I would have had Ivant Tony in this one just for penalties. You know we worth have worth. You know you've got picked one less fallback and and keep you on to bring him on with five minutes ago because you know you've got a guarantee golden. But anyway, Um, there's a quality I think, and a confidence that comes from a player that you know is probably going to score a penalty an English insis record and don't think that takes him now to it's got better than one in full record for villain noire, So you know, it's get it's getting better for him. It's getting better for him getting there um two and said, even though Ali is a better process, she's more than confident with him in front of goal. And a good game for Danny Ng's Gary slightly on the other hand, is okay, but moving forward, he just isn't consistent enough, same as Watkins and McGinn and a few more as well. And I guess that's the you know, that's the the what is it the million dollar question? Can they can they get that consistency? Can emory over this midseason break instill some consistency into this team? That's the That's the real golden nugget, I suppose, isn't it Well, the question is very much. Isn't it like you are some of these players good enough? And we've had this so so long. I've been I've been very much one of the ones that said, you know, sack them all start again. Started game with three of them that will do well start you know, yeah, we're going by twenty players, keb. Yeah, that's realistic, isn't it? Um um? But also some of these players, you know, continuous thirty you know, some of these players then we've talked about all was a good enough Like these players are are still should be in the prime of their careers and if they've got to right the right kind of plan behind them. I'd like to still think we can get if we played to their strengths, get a decent tune out of Danny Ings is on track at the moment for it's on track for like eighteen goals this season. We've got about a third way through. Maybe not quite so. I mean, who knows what happens in you know, the end of the season. But I don't think you can write some of these players off if we're playing to the right color system. And it still remoints to be seeing whether we think the players have underperformed. The Gerard of the Gerald was actually really a bit of the problem. I think we think the coaching wasn't where it needed to be for us. It would be really interesting to see where we are. Probably it was certainly a certain combination of everything and you can see, you know, and we'll get onto it in a second. Like in terms of Emery and his tactical tweaks and kind of the game management that we've seen already implemented in this team. UM, you can see where that improvement is coming and has has already has already happened. But we've got great numbers watching at the moment, nearly seventy of you watching, which is phenomenal. Please, if you haven't already, please drop a like on the video, please subscribe to the channel. We're on the road to well ratherously on the road to a thousand, but if we can get to seven hundred first little steps, that would be amazing. So if you haven't subscribed already, please please drop us subscribe. So grateful for everyone support. We love the comments that are coming in, you know, they just make the show. So yeah, Rich just just just confirmed that you generally do have to get to seven hundred before you get to a thousand. You definitely do. Yeah, yeah, just checking my math. Get your own back up here for your joke the other day, we'll move on. Yeah, yeah, but no, I guess with regards to UM, you know, emery in terms of closing that game out, you know, bringing Ashley Young on, um, you know, to cement us down that down our down their left hand side, our right hand side, you know, going five at the back almost in going kind of six at the bat, making triple substitution, you know with then Dunker, I think, came on, Leon Bailey came on, Um, Augustinson came on. Just closing that game out, you know, And I get it's I get it's a little bit of a risk, but it's it's just those I don't know. I guess it's just that that kind of being proactive and not not just hoping for the win, it's kind of doing something to ensure we get the win. Well, it's proper coaching, isn't it. It was it was a comment that that Ross made done the part the other night after the MANU man Unite. When it's it's a coach having a plan, it's proper coaching. It's doing stuff that you think it's going to get you the result of the end. And of course, you know, if you do get hit and you end up losing the game three too, then you'll you'll call it possibly negative. But we didn't so therefore we can look at it has been a shrewd, clever way of doing it. And again, like we said at the start of the part, it's not something that asked a bit of generally be very good at. So it is refreshing to see a little bit of ship asy from us. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean we've talked about the bookings,...

...talked about you know, Martin has a little bit of time. I see Loves going down with that injury with like ten minutes to go. Um. But I mean we still we still have one or two you know, four rays four and I think actually Young had a shot that just went wide. I think we had one or two corners as well. So you know, bringing on a player like Bailey or if you s flip it and you have a player like Gwen Deer or Cameron Archer coming on, you've still got that threat of some pacing behind, haven't you. So you couldn't just just constantly go forward forward forward. Yeah, absolutely absolutely, And I tell what was also as good as well is that you're still seeing that playing that from the back, which you know, it's clearly a hallmark of what Emmy wants to do. But and of course we considered the goal from it, but you've got to get a bit of pain sometimes and I know there's been a lot of said that that's what customers too about Arsenal and listen, there's a long way to go, but a lot of these teams do it. You know, a lot of the best teams do it. The Man City, Man City, Liverpool very very good at it. And if you start to consider a few goals from it, then you'll start to get a bit of Russia. But it does seem to create a bit of space obviously at the whole point of bit and open up for the identity be able to play. Get past that first line, then you're in. So um, I think that's good to see it. But it's good to see a bit of a plan around that kind of thing. Let's let's get into some of the stats then, just two just to kind of analyze what we did in the game. Um so, yeah, just having a look here. Um So, we looked at obviously Bright and Lions share possession to thirty thirty four point nine percent Villa two shots on target each. We we had more shots than them, so obviously a little bit more clinical in our attack and that was one of the things that commentators were saying, particularly the second half. I think it was Levi cole Well had a he free header, but that was the only real chance that had in the second half. Um So that showed how we kept them at arm's length for the from the majority of the second half. I guess looking here, you know that they had more passes than us, quite a few more pass but look at this tackles and clearances shows how much were we were working and how how hard we were working to win the ball. Yeah. Absolutely, And what I like about that again is it's a possession stats because you know we've got not forty possession, but we've obviously won the game amount of times. Again, I made this point after Man United game and the Man United game, we we didn't have as much possession as them. I think it was maybe sort of fifty fifty or whatever. But you know, normally Villa have been having so much possession and then do nothing with it. So it's just nice to be in a situation where you don't need them all all the time. It's all bright and have been bad for this. They've been known for not scoring too many goals, although they've addressed that in the last few few months or so, but generally they have loads of the ball and get frustrated at the end. It's what you do with the ball, It's what you do with those attacking moments accounts um so so Yeah, I mean I think I think, I think it's great. I think it's great, brilliant and just a little head to head. Uh. Look at um seven games played across. I don't know if this is just Premier League or what recent times win total wins fourth for Villa, only one from Brighton. We've went two at home to away and we've had two draws and obviously recently we've we've had a good, good record against them. M yeah, well this will be Promier League only because obviously we were away three years and then yeah, we did okay against them when we first came up as well. I remember we beat them with the last minute goal from Matty Target and then I think one one draw at their place, so we've always we've we've generally done well against Brighton. Yeah, I love that. I love that Greenish goal. Phenomenal. Yeah, pie, we can't help talk about it coming all right, but yeah, we've you know, yea it carries on the record that we've got against them, and you know, obviously long mail that continue. Yeah, I thought our party to our best at all. This is the last season with Bright and Home and away, um, you know, so I just think it's brilliant to see that there's a team that are look, Man United have been good form lately and we beat them in that league game. I think fairly convincingly. Bright ha been in really good form to deserve you lately, and again we've won that game. I'm not saying it was an absolute cancer, but you know, to come back from behind. The character that we've showed to come up from behind, that's the thing that's been leveled divility and many many times in the past. What kind of character? What kind of character have they got? You know? Are they? Are they? Are they real men? You know? Are they They had that question quite a bit. They showed some good character today. You can't argue with that. Yeah, and that's you know, we'll we'll talk go into some comments with so many coming in, but first of all, and individual performances as well. But yeah, that that character and that we talked about kind of experiences that players have to go through. Um, and achieving those those all in one game almost you know, winning the first game away from her and winning from a goal all down, you...

...know, a player scoring to a striker scoring two goals in the game. You know, all those experiences have come in one game and so they've got that reference point to go back to. Now they can always say, you know, look we went one deal down in the first minute and we we wouldn't we won the games If that ever happens again, we know we can. We know we can go out and do it again and hold on to that victory. Yeah. Absolutely, you start to get rid of these some of these unwanted records that and that's that's really important to believe that we can win away now and I think we should absolutely you know, we've got a great, great with a time. I should have absolutely no fear Liverpool will be coming to Villa Park on boxing down that that team, that team should have all the support of those fans, you know, full of a full of Christmas putting in Turkey in a little bit of a little bit of books Fiz behind them and under the lights Villa Park against the team that I have not been in an amazing form a lot of their players are at the World Cup. I think we've got to fancy our chances. Then wait a way to Tottenham again, tottlam not been in the best of form. Wait to talk him on the New Years. Then you've got a fancy. Where's a few weeks ago we were looking brighton man uniting. Jesus, we can't beat Forest. It can't be born with Now it feels different. Then you've got Wolves at home. By the way, I'm not save one second that Liverpool and are gonna be easy. But but but there's going to be one or two funny results when on that resumption of the Premier League, And why can't we get that win? Wolves at home and Leads at home? Said Hampton Away. Yeah, so you know you've you've got an opportunity there if you can get a positive result. Um, you know, even if you don't lose the Liverpool, don't lose the Spurs, put some runs together. Let's not forget as well. There'll be probably some work going on in this in this break to be looking at. Uh, you know, players we can bring in to support the squad, so it might be as slightly different. Look Aston Villas, I'll come January yeah, you never know, you never know. Absolutely, so yes, some great comments coming in. Richard Edwards was joining us. Goodwin doggy defense set up properly by Naama and he's a Jedi master. Can't see what he can get out of the players now going away to Dubai. Yeah, well sorry, can't wait to see. Yeah, absolutely absolutely. Michael villa Park had the nickname the Red Brick Place. Arsenal have trust the process, so I think we should adopt the saying Amory the red red Brick Palace wasn't built in a day. Well, yeah, he's got you know, he's got some work to do, but he's definitely showing the signs. Absolutely. Um season isn't the last Hemory can turn it yet? And about how mad is it to do positive podcasts like regularly? Now? Unbelievable? Yeah, I can't. I can't get head right. I'm also looking at like, you know, my last five games, we've been three, We've been three of our last five, three of the last four, haven't we really? Like? You know? So yeah, in the in the Premier the most important thing to remember is that we can't play pretty football every week. We'll have to grind out results just as we did today and Emery knows this. That's why he's a great tactician. Yeah, definitely, Rachel agreeing with you, keV. It's not how much possession you have, it's what you do with it. Yeah, offside only one is much better. Watkins was a shocker for being caught interesting and that's what you get from the runs from deep. Now if you if you make those diagonal runs or those those curve runs, then you've got less chance of being caught offside. So that's that's excellent. Um, Aaron same, We're going to beat Liverpool three two. Yeah, let's hope, Um we do that level of ship housary against Liverpool and Clock will explode and start swinging some hands and get a long, long touch line band. Let's hope. So Mark, let's comment Mark that I would love to see that. It was. It was great to see um obviously the frustration when we when we have Ronaldo obviously when we played Man United, So good to see Clock blues in his mind as a Yeah. Yeah, everyone says football is a simple Gann. The problem is being our managers have just looked at our players and hope for someone to do magic. But our bus isn't like that. He's a tactician. Yeah, and you can see you know, you'll use players for certain things. You're not afraid to bring certain players on. As I said, he's not afraid to make triple substitutions that kind of thing. I get the impression he's not going to be afraid to make changes at halftime, probably even like in the first half, if something's not working, which again is something that we've never had. Yeah. I mean the manager doing management would have thought it. Who have thought it crazy? Yeah? Um, performance is wise. I've I've started, I've started a few here. Um. So yeah, a couple of special mentions. Gas has mentioned. Surprised to see him again, but he did a job in there. Was great at time, Mason at the end of the match when we needed it most too. Gary saying, first time watching Kamara properly today, and he looks the real deal. Duncan, says Kamara, and then Duncan will be the pivot going forward. It frees Douggie up to um and the only thing Jerrard did right was bringing in Kamara and Carlos. I'm happy for the break. When we come back, we are cooking kamaras was excellent for me. Gary Agreen that McGinn...

...played pretty well, Um and Dante. There were a lot of people complaining about any starting eleven for this game. I'm not I bet they're not moaning now. It was a tough battle. That's the big test. Will get better. Yeah, it was a real team performance. But I think you know McGinn's coming for a lot of criticism. I think he works really hard today. I think concert was excellent today. Um full backs were good, you know, against a couple of tough players in trust had Um. I know, I know Tim I didn't play that would have been that that was a big last for us. But yeah, I mean they're they're very good down down each flank and they brought Lampton as well. But Kamara for me was standout and you can see the quality. I like the way he just when he just plays their first on balls, the confidence of the way the past just first time. It's it can make a massive difference, can't it. It's just rather taking the touch. He does look like he's really really going to grow into that team. It was nice. I know there should be no say intimate because we're trying to win Premier League games. And obviously the jobs on the line. But it was nice for McGinn. I think that the season he's had so far to be in the team to play a good, good part of a win the last game before the World Cup before he goes off obviously with Scotland to Quitar to try and win. Oh no, sorry, we sy sorry that that was loud. That was a real cheat gag. That wasn't it real. I'm all about cheat You guys have one at one one an episode, you know what an episode? Yeah, yeah, it's just gonna say, as awesome. I thought that. I think the fallbacks to look better lately as well. Yeah, yeah, I thought. Yeah, Cash was very good. Luca Dean actually yeah, sorry I meant to point him out, but yeah, really solid, really solid, and maybe you know, we talked about players not always playing playing well, but maybe he was carrying a slight knock. Maybe he wasn't fully it, but it certainly seems to have. It certainly seems to have come back firing, and it was really solid today. It seems to have got like extra half a yard a pace. Yeah. Yeah. The players also they seem a bit happier m hm. I mean, winning games comes with that, but I know, I know also like yeah, agree with you, Like maybe it was I don't know, I don't know whether there was Maybe maybe they maybe they listened to Gerard to a certain extent, but maybe they just didn't buy into the coaching staff. Maybe they just didn't like Neil Critchley. I don't know, But like you say, there seems to be a plan. There seems to be um a real kind of buying to what he's being told to them. And whereas sometimes under you know, under the previous management, it was almost like I was off the cuff. It was disjointed, you know, that comes from mixed messaging, and it seems much more unified at the moment. Yeah, And it was rare. I know there was Obviously it's always gonna be under any manager. You know, it could be anybody in charge of the team could bring on a sub and the sub score and they go, oh my god, what unbelievable management. You knew that, you know Rory's lap was going to score that last minute? When I didn't you tell me Pool this, Like you know you can always give credit where credit maybe isn't you But I don't think we've seen anywhere near in the whole of Jeruard's reign, that the tactical flexibility and the ideas that that Emery is brought in and in fact, in many ways what pleased me about it is I did think possibly there'll be more wholesale changes and therefore, you know, he's taken stock at what's there. He's picked a lot of the same players, but they're just playing a bit differently, you know, a bit, a bit more of an idea and that is really positive. Tell what's also really interesting as well. Obviously a lot of comments about Carlos to come back, Carlos to come back, guys totally agree. I'm so looking forward to seeing how Carlos or play. Carlos, I don't think you ever played for Emory and at Severe. I think he's Severe. His time at Severe was before Carlos his time there, but you know, is used to, I guess playing for for a team obviously likes of here. He've got success and he's going to get a manager day where great success with the club said, it's clearly a bit of a link there. Who's our center half partnership going to be And as has been rumored, will we've end up buying another center half to to partner partner carl what do you recommend? I don't know. It's a weird one because as you know Mings, as as we've always said, there's a hundred percent man. You know he was he was. There was one part today where he went it summed him up in like thirty seconds. He he makes a great tackle. He then tries an extra touch, gives it away, brings the players down, gets gives away free kick, gets a yellow card, they put the free kick in and he wins the header like and it's just that just sums him up. So you have to take the rough with the smooth a little bit. With Mings. Concert has been up and down, but today he was back to his absolute best. You know, marked at Wellbeck absolutely totally out of the game. Um, and then you know he had to come off um and then you've... Carlos to come in. It's a it's a great problem to have, and let alone that you've got bed the wreck. It was an international center back and you've got Chambers's probably dropped back in the pecking order now. So it's difficult to say. I mean, there's been rumors of like powers, but they're probably lazy links because of filler Rayle. I. I don't think our center back pairings of the priority. I think we need a strong fast for center forward who can who's who we can not balls into and change the option if we need to think, we need another potential wird man to change again, to change tactics to use pace, and then another maybe maybe strong central midfielder and fallback again. I guess that would be That would be my thing. I don't necessarily think priorities are center halves at the moment we're saying that ball playing. Yeah, I don't know. I agreement. I don't think it eat is approt but I think, like a lot of times, if someone comes available, then do you do you bring someone in? But yeah, I totally agree. I think we've got links. The most important thing I think is another winger because we've got one, and I think I think that is it's a big thing. I think there's a lot of talk about another striker, so raised me seeing whim whether he does just go for that, and I think that probably another number eight type players, so it would be interesting. Really. I do think as well, whether if it happened, But I do think we need a better backup goalie from what I've seen, you know, is he gonna is he gonna spend five six million on a you know, on a backup I don't know, but yeah, maybe you could get someone on loan. We'll see, we'll see. Richards mentioned Contino there in question marks. He's injured. He's injured for good twelve weeks, I think. So. I'm not sure about that. Duncan para Tarres room and it will be excellent. I think someone's righteous said, they're probably a little bit too much. Surprise him away. Richard again said a winger in January. Yet Hazard has been rumored linked. I don't know if that again is an agent kind of testing the bait. It's always Newcastle and Villa that get linked to these players, and that's who's been linked to Hazard. I personally can't see it. Sara, I could probably see, especially if it's a name that's we've scouted and it's here. You know, Emery will get given names and maybe it's one that will will go back in for um. Yeah, Mings and Carlos will be cooking just based on how they look. But Mings needs to get better. He's too slow. With the ball. I totally agree. Um Dylncan said Chuck Woozy too. I think he's been linked definitely. Yeah, really random reviews is back watching us. Thanks very much for tuning in. A great result today that put me in another splendid mood. Got loads done tonight. Yeah. Um, ben Nette must be fuming them and he's going to go back to Southampton summer. You never know. We might, we might, we might get him in. He probably needs to get few more games under his belt. Rachel agreeing with if we need winners or forward with pace Um yeah, and not sold on olsen um and yet he wants to know to hazard Yeah yeah, so yeah, we we'll be interesting. We'll do a show. We'll do a show over the coming weeks. I'm sure, I'm transfer rumors. Maybe we'll do some little shows on you know, whoever we're getting linked with. We might do some like little short short shows like back in you know, giving some data on them and information on them. But yeah, that will come in the next few weeks. And we'll also I'm sure we'll do a bit of a review on the season. So far, I mean, not much has happened really as it to be fair, no mate, No, not not really. It's been a fairly fairly quiet season, you know, just you know, keeping the light sticking in my guard. I've been all sorts of all sorts. You might have to split three three parts, but we'll see. I just wanted to finish with a message comment from Duncan and just to end on some real positivity. Um. And it's amazing what a few wins does and what a few weeks just but yeah, this comment here. With three points after euro spots, plus the January transfer winners and we still have the f A Cup, this can still be a great season. Absolutely absolutely can. We're eighteen points really four points, four points off six Liverpool, so there's absolutely loads to play for. Consistency is the key. But again, like you said many many times, you know, if Villa want to really truly kick on, and I do look at this, sorry, it's probably longer round than you expected. I look back to and the John Gregory when we didn't get Gina, you know, when we were top of the league at Christmas. I look back under Deane Smith on me have that unbelievable start of the season and then it dropped off, you know, and Gerard again Jarard came in. We had a real four wins out of the first six dropped off aston Villa. Historically, Mike and Neil would be fading as of you know, March time whatever. I think that if we can kick our this season second half of the season and have a really strong finish,...

I put you in a plant in a position and gives you a platform to get even better players in start to push towards Europe, if not quite Europe this season, to get this plan that the manager, the manager wants under what the what what the owner's realm is. So I look at this and think to myself, this is a critical time. Now. You can't in any way shaving one right this season off and say, oh em rebuilding. We've got an opportunity to do something this season, and even a top ten finish would be would be great. We could go any higher than that this season still got the f A Cup to come. We we've got we've got to start acting now at the club that we want to be. And I think that's a big thing. I'm really like the phrase actors if now actors or you know, actors if you're the manager and in the company working for actors. If you are you've got a been the best you can at football. Actors if you are pressure of football, you know, eat right and all that kind of stuff. We've got actors. If we are a European team there were might not be one yet, but we've got act as if well, it's going to be certainly interesting over the coming weeks. We couldn't have leftselves in a better position. Um, the comments have been phenomenal tonight. The viewers numbers has been absolutely amazing. So as I said before, thank you so much for watching, Thanks for getting involved in the show. Um, as I said, please drop a like on the video, please subscribe if you haven't already. We will be back with with Gareth the statman and the analyst to give his view on what what went right, what we need to improve on and how we won the game today. So look out for that video coming through and I'm sure we'll be back for some reviews of the season so far, transfer rumors, you name it will be back, so stay tuned on the channel. Um keV has been great, have anyone mate? Thanks so much comments guys, Thank you appreciate it all. Yeah and yeah, keep keeper with the channel and Remember the villa all right, m M s.

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